Keep your schedule full and your referring offices happy.

Your Relationships with General Practice offices is key to your success and growth. Connect with new partners and make your existing relationships much better with Referral Raven

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With Referral Raven you can:

Your Headaches

Specialists on average see an over 100% increase in the number of referrals when working with general that use Referral Raven! Add that to the time the office staff saves using Referral Raven and your practice can greatly increase profitability.
  • Requests for more information from your generals
  • Having access to x rays and charts
  • Making sure the referred patient actually schedules with you
  • Knowing who is sending you the most referrals
  • Managing referral slips
  • Tracking referrals and their status in your practice

Make your generals life easier and they will make sure you have more patients and help you grow your practice(Making your general practice offices happy).