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Referral Raven Makes It Painlessly Easy To

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Dental offices that work with specialists in Referral Raven on average see treatment acceptance rates increase from 50% to over 85%!

Specialists that work with referring offices in Referral Raven see an average increase of over 100% in the number of referrals received.

A large number of referred patients walk out the door with their paper referral slip and never follow up. Specialists don't even know the patient has been referred to them!

General dentists have to find, fill out, and scan referral slips. Then send over patient information in separate fragmented ways. They waste time dealing with multiple calls and emails for more information.

Patients often loose referral slips, and fail to follow up with specialists to get scheduled. This results in a worsening of patient problems and lower levels of patient care.


Referral Raven solves many of problems associated with referring patients to specialty offices and while at the same time optimizing and helping specialty practices work with their patients.

What you’re dealing with now:

  • Referrals on paper that get misplaced or filed incorrectly
  • No clue when referrals are coming in
  • No idea who to thank for this new business
  • No way to track where your business is coming from
  • Not sure how much revenue comes from referrals
  • No follow-up system in place
  • You and your staff are not on the same page
  • No way to track your staff’s effectiveness
  • No way to see the status of a referred patient
  • The referring doctor doesn’t know the status of their patient
  • You don’t know exactly which doctors are responsible for referrals or how much revenue they bring in for you
  • You aren’t able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your staff doesn’t have the tools they need to bring in the most patients

What you get with Referral Raven:

  • Secure, digital referral platform
  • Email notifications each time a new referral comes in
  • Ability to thank and reward the referring doctors
  • Ability to track where your referral business comes from
  • Ability to track the revenue generated from referrals
  • Automated follow-ups to prospective clients who have not converted yet
  • Better communication office-wide
  • Ability to quickly see how effective your staff is
  • Ability to check the status of any referred patient
  • Automated updates to the referring doctor on the status of their patient
  • Ability to know which doctors refer the most and how much revenue they’re responsible for
  • A sleek, user-friendly dashboard for an overview of strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to give your staff the top-of-the-line tools they need to bring in more patients than ever

What Other Professionals Have to Say

Our orthodontic practice has seen a large increase in the total number of referrals received each month and the number of new starts. Working with our referring offices is so much faster and easier now. Referral Raven has been a huge success for us!

Dr Williams

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