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Updates for Referral Raven

Update Overview

We have simplified the process of sending referrals and added some exciting new features which will allow staff to quickly send referrals right from an operatory computer with only a few clicks.  

  1. Open Referral Raven Desktop
  2. Press Ctrl + p on your keyboard to get screen capture cross-hairs.
  3. Using the cross-hairs drag select the patient information screen on your practice management software.
  4. Saving this screen capture prompts for the patients name and phone number
  5. You can now send the referral as is or enter further information into the referral form

This updated referral sending technology allows referral senders greater control over the information they can send to the specialists, you can capture x-rays, perio charts, patient note screens, insurance info screens and more. You can now quickly and easily provide specialists all the information they will need to properly care for your patients.

You will need to download the new desktop application to any computer you use to send referrals by following the instructions below.

Before you begin

  1. You must uninstall the old version of the Referral Raven Desktop Connector on your machine.
  2. Go to Windows>Remove Applications
  3. Find the Dentrix Connector App
  4. Click Uninstall.

How To Download & Setup the new Desktop App

Download the new update

Once the update has download click it to run the program you will be presented with the following screen.

Click the More Info link in this screen.

Click the Run anyway button

(if your .net framework is out of date it may ask you to update your .net framework, this will take some time but please do the update to continue)

Select the Everyone option then click next which will launch the install wizzard.  Please follow the prompts to complete the installation.  Once the installation is complete you can launch the program as normal.

This video introduces the new send referral process to quickly get you sending referrals using the new technology.

Download the new update